Tubeclip's range of U Bolt Crossover Clamps and Adaptors are the perfect solution to building tubular structures using BS1387 galvanised tube and Circular Hollow Section (CHS). In addition they can be used on thin wall E.R.W. tube where heavy duty loads are not at a premium and cost savings on tubing can be made. These clamps give a very high strength tube joint where the U bolt can maintain an even grip around the circumference of the tube instead of relying on single point contact. This makes them ideal for constructional use and the ability to add to existing structures without having to disassemble is another added feature.

Manufactured from High grade malleable iron castings - finished hot spun galvanised.U bolts from high grade steel with rolled metric threads in a variety of durable finishes to suit particular applications.

U Bolt Crossover Clamps
Swivel Crossover Clamps
The original Demat style crossover. Fixed at 90° to provide a rigid heavy duty clamp. Comprises of two half fittings which are bolted together. This allows the tubes to fully rotate to achieve any desired angle. Ideal for crossbracing. Half fitting that provides a flat base with a central fixing hole. Suitable for attaching round tubes to flat surfaces.
Some typical applications are:-
Livestock cubicles and pens Polytunnels Storage Racks
Lighting Grids Building Frames Benches & Fixtures

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