A Range of Fittings to Suit E.R.W Tubes
E.R.W or to give it it’s full title Electric Resistance Welded tube comes in a variety of standard imperial outside diameters i.e. 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 1 3/4" and 2" etc. They tend to be used in trades where cost and appearance are extremely important and are usually thin wall. Whereas heavy duty nominal bore tubes are well catered for both in the variety and sizes of clamps available, until now this has not been the case with E.R.W tubes where the market has been poorly served.
Tubeclip has developed an extensive range of Tube Joynt fittings specifically designed for use with E.R.W. tube in a wide variety of types and sizes. These fittings are fabricated in steel and carefully contoured with a very smooth finish so as not to leave any sharp or exposed edges. Their relatively lighter weight compliments E.R.W. tube perfectly and are available in a standard zinc plated finish. Where particular colour schemes are important there is also a powder coated option available given sufficient volume.

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QuickLinks: Click on the number below to go directly to the fitting.
QuickLinks: Click on the number below to go directly to the fitting.
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